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Want to bild an app like Airbnb

Wanna build an app like Airbnb? (Airbnb, Clone)

wanna build an app like airbnb

What do we search for while traveling to another place? We fish out another exciting background yet at the most efficient rate. What if,  that you can discover every last bit of it on one stage, A Home far from Home.

Airbnb means what?

Airbnb is a traveling application which gives a stage to flat rental open doors everywhere throughout the world. Airbnb fills in as an enticing commercial center for proprietors of property and individuals looking for here and now convenience. Airbnb has changed the manner in which individuals tend to search for rooms. It gives chances to property proprietors and travelers. This app fills in as an intuitive domain for individuals i.e. the Hosts who procure by leasing their property to visitors who are searching for reasonable convenience. Airbnb is practically more than 190 nations around the world. That is the real reason that in a matter of moments, it has totally vanquished the worldwide market.

The business model of Airbnb

Real associates:

Host – People who claim a house or property and need to rent/lease them. Airbnb gets Commission from hosts upon each reserving.

Guests – Travelers, families going for a get-away and additionally official work who need to remain at reasonable costs. They get a commission from guests upon each reserving.

Freelance Photographers – Airbnb has a changed system of freelance photographers in the greater part of the urban areas over the globe. When the host records their place on the gateway, these photographers are employed to take great photos of the property. They are straightforwardly paid from the Airbnb entryway.

Target audience

  • Business travelers.
  • Travelers with families.
  • Travelers who need a simple but good place.
  • Travelers looking to explore globes.
  • People who are looking for extra income who can hosts to earn.

Cost Structure

  • Maintenance of the online structure.
  • Employees (Airbnb has over 15000 employees).
  • Online payment like to MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Marketing and promotional activities.
  • Insurance.

Channels of Distribution

  • Promotions
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Website

wanna build an app like airbnb

Features required to be included in an App like Airbnb.



  • Log-in / Sign-up – The users have to log in with their pre-registered account or make a new account by filling their details like name, number, etc. they can also sign in via their email address or social media.
  • Manage account – Edit, manage or update personal profile information like email id, mobile number, DOB, permanent address, etc. The account passcode can also be changed.
  • Chat and push notifications – Like any other messaging app, Airbnb also provided instant notifications for chats and supports.
  • Host interaction – Users can converse with their host via messages before booking their stay. They also have the freedom to accept or decline the offers or create new requests.
  • Payments – Users can select the payment mode and can access the receipts and pay. They can also view every payment history. They can choose their desired currency too.
  • Create wish lists/Saved – Did you missed out a place due to high rental or non-availability? No worries, you can wishlist them and get notifications once the rental falls.
  • Booking – The booking done by a user can be checked. It can a past booking or upcoming bookings.
  • Coupons – Coupons can be used during checkout. These coupons can be earned by referral codes.
  • Maps – Airbnb makes the booking process simple with maps. They help in showing the location with rentals apartments, around the area the user wants to stay.
  • Help – Users can view the FAQs sections and ask for help in case of any confusion or problem with the booking or in case of seeking any booking.
  • Rate and Review – Users can share their experience with the hosts by rating them.
  • Sharing – Users can invite friends to through social media accounts to download the app.

wanna build an app like airbnb (2)

Hosts App

  • Registration – The host can fill in their details and register themselves by listing their vacant property through the app.
  • Log-in or Sign-up – The hosts are supposed to log in with their pre-registered ids or create a new account by filling their details like name, number, address etc.
  • Manage Personal page and profile information – Edit, manage and update personal profile information like mobile number, address, etc. The account passcode can also be changed.
  • Manage listings – The listings i.e. the property details like the amenities available and pricing, parking can be handled under this section.
  • Booking Listing – All the upcoming bookings can be seen in a systematic way, in the calendar view. Each date of the month will showcase the bookings.
  • Request – This is a way for accepting or declining the user’s request for your space.
  • Rate and review guests – Each guest can be rated and reviewed according to their behavior and conduct.
  • Account Details – This helps in adding or removing information in the account.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – The admin dashboard is for, to view all the users registered(new and old), hosts(new and old).
  • Manage new listing – All the new listing uploaded are scrutinized and processed further. The admin panel provides the freedom to edit, add or delete listings, according to the choices.
  • Booking History – All the previous and new bookings can be seen here. There’s also an update on the current status for each reservation. These can also be edited, updated or deleted.
  • Feedback and complaints – All the feedbacks provided by the guest and hosts can be seen here. Any complaints with regard to the hosts or guests can be rechecked here.
  • Insights – All the details of the previous and current activities can be checked here. These detailed insights help in future decisions.

The technology required for making an app like Airbnb.

Programming languages – Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Application Framework – Ruby on Rails

JavaScript Framework – React.js

Automation Frameworks – RSpec, Capybara, PhantomJS

SQL data storage – PostgreSQL

Global Payment – Braintree

Messaging & Communication – Twilio

Cloud Storage – Amazon S3, EBS

Cloud Hosting – Amazon EC2

Voice and SMS API for SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo

Major Competitors of Airbnb

The growing popularity of Airbnb makes several more who offer short-term home rentals platforms out there. We have covered the most prominent, Airbnb like a service provider. Check out these alternatives!


HomeAway has over a million listings around the globe and its presence in 190 countries. It is the main competitor of Airbnb as it provides all the services that Airbnb offers. it’ owned by Expedia and it operates regional sites like VRBO, TravelMob, and VacationRentals.


FlipKey is a major company run by TripAdvisor. It has a large number of users and the highest quality manual verification program. The “vacation rental marketplace,” as called, has been expanding with almost 3,00,000 properties in about 160 countries. 

wanna build an app lilkje airbnb

How much does it take to build an app like Airbnb?

It is a job to analyze the budget of development of a mobile app like Airbnb. The full design of the app is split into several parts based on the specifications needed. The cost of development of a popular app like Airbnb depends on the following factors:

The team size

In the event that the group is little, the procedure can go smooth. Suppose, the project chief dealing with more than his part. Else, other than a planner and designer, significantly more individuals like undertaking supervisor, framework head, quality affirmation part will be required in the group.

Number of platforms the app is being built

The cost of building an app like Airbnb is based on different platforms. iOS, Android both need different app screens to adjust the app. All this is decided based on the target audience, device environment, etc..

Features and Functionality of the app

Another important factor in development is the features and functionalities one wishes to incorporate. Basic features like past booking history, reviews, and ratings, communication between the host and traveler, etc. occupy a lot of space and result in a surplus charge.

Design of the app

Airbnb being a big app, so it has to look good to attract customers all around the global market. The app should be easy to use and the design has to be engaging. Another aspect of the design is whether its standard or customized. New,  unique visuals can be added instead of the stereotype backdrop. New designs will definitely shoot the development price.


The most vital point is, where are you looking for the developers. The place of the developer is one of the deciding factors. Also, the cost will vary based on the experience of the developer.

So, what’s our grand total for making it?

After having dealt with all features and modules, we have reached an estimate of the development cost. each a total cost of Rs. 20,54000 – Rs.22,48000 Which is approximately Rs.21,17000 – Rs.22,63000 considering the Rs.2200 per hour as the average rate for counting the cost.

After looking at all the factors and stages of development, we may say building an app is not an easy and easy task. However, if all the things are lined up in a proper manner, not only will it be super successful but also very affordable. In case you have some questions about the cost of building an App Like Airbnb, let us know your requirements here and we will let you know the estimate.

Right Softwarewala, being an experienced app development company, Airbnb-like apps are now just a piece of cake for us.

If you wish to hire our team or experts, we are just a call away from you.








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