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Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram? (clone)

Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram?

What You Must Know for Developing a Photo-sharing Mobile Application like Instagram.


Instagram is the reason why people across the world have taken ”traveling” as a hobby. Instagram is the reason why digital businesses have started considering the photo-sharing app as a serious business.


How Exactly is it like to build a photo-sharing mobile App?

Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram?

Instagram is a lot more than just a photo-sharing app. It is a group of smaller businesses run under a single roof.


Instagram as a Photo-editing App:

It is a photo-editing app in another name, with so many colorful filters in one place.

The users can edit the picture, adjust the contrast and brightness, use text in their pictures, or simply play with the filters.

How can this be benefited for you as a photo-sharing business?

During this time, it is your duty to fill their feeds with sponsored ads, video ads, etc. and earn the maximum out of it.

Instagram as an eCommerce Portal:

The success of eCommerce has given birth to a new term known as “Social Commerce”.

Without any doubts, photo-sharing app keeps the users engaged on the platform. This creates lots of opportunities for the brands to showcase their products in the best platform. As it creates an additional source of income other than their own apps and websites.

The brighter side?

As the owner of the photo-sharing app can earn a huge commission for every transaction made.

Instagram as a Messenger App:

A direct message feature has made any place in the top feature list.

Direct message helps the users to connect with other users. Other than scrolling for hours in their feeds, the direct message has the power to engage the users with emojis, share pictures from the feed, create groups, etc.

The Features needed to develop a Photo-sharing App.

Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram?

The features of a photo-sharing app like Instagram have a system of the contribution of the post in keeping the engagement intact and constantly increasing. It helps the user differentiate between a quality app and a shitty app developed with the sole intention to make money. By providing user-friendly features, you state that your business cares for its users and this is to engage the customers and retain them.

Here is a list of features that you must know for developing a photo-sharing app similar to Instagram:

  • A Quick and Simple Registration Process

  • Social Media Integration

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Push Notifications

  • Stories

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

  • Direct Messaging within Stories

  • Search option

  • Activity

  • GPS Integration

Revenue Model for building an app like Instagram.

Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram?

Instagram makes money by monetizing on the user’s attention span. More the attention span, higher is the revenue.

The possible revenue streams for your photo-sharing app can be:

  • Sponsored Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Video Ads
  • Social commerce
  • Carousel ads

How can you hire Developers for making an Instagram like Mobile App?

Want to Build a Mobile App like Instagram?

Depending on what you are planning to get developed for your business, determine the scope of work and then decide upon the number of resources i.e developers required for building a mobile app like Instagram for your business.

There are many different types of pricing model that you could choose from – time-based, scope based, or dedicated resource hiring. While some of these models are based on the client’s demand, the others are determined by the app development firm itself.

Resource-based Hiring

When you got varieties for a dedicated resource based hiring, make sure that you know the scope of varieties work and that you are not paying for an extra resource.

To develop a basic version of your mobile app, your resources will be-

  • UI and UX designer
  • 2 – 4 developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • A Backend Developer
  • A Project Manager

To develop an advanced version of the mobile app, you will need a member of –

  • Team Manager/Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • 3 – 4 developers for each platform
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2–3 backend developers
  • Admin panel developer

Ready to bring your photo-sharing mobile app in the real world?

If you still have queries regarding the cost of building an ‘Instagram like’ mobile app, let us know your exact requirements here and we will help you with the exact pricing.

Things to keep in mind While Building an Instagram-like Mobile App.

Got an idea to start a business with a photo-sharing app of your own?

So what’s next?

The mobile app development takes a lot of planning right from the start to the end. It means that you have to be literally on-the-go before launching the first version of your application in the marketplace.

However, a lot of your trouble can considerably reduce, if you plan the development in a well mannered. Let me give you a guidance/glance for a proper plan.

Every photo-sharing app looks alike at the grassroots level. Your basic version of photo-sharing app just demands a simple photo-sharing feature with followers. But the difference starts to build up when you add branding and UI/UX design to your app to create a strong brand awareness in the mindset of your users.


Lastly, for this billion dollars guide to assist you to build an app like Instagram, help us reach out to more readers by clapping and letting them know that how much help we are with our research and analysis!


All image source: Google & Pinterest.

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