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School Website vs School Mobile App

In today’s era both school website and school mobile application has their own importance. Though school website is an essential tool for outsourcing important information like release of admission form dates, any news related to social or inter-school competitions and many more. On the other hand school mobile application is confidential and personal, each person attached with school is notified individually and in a customized manner. As per the present needs and demands, school website is required in general and school mobile application is preferred in particular. 

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1. Communication Reliability

As compared to earlier days communication between school members and guardians were not very easy because communicator was asked to take out time from their busy schedule and visit to communicate. Even information was not quite confidential and personal at that time. School mobile application helps in building the relation between teachers and parents. A good online school application gives birth to a better way of communication.

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2. Easy & Handy

School mobile application is easy to handle and user friendly as compared to school website because currently everyone is much aware and comfortable with smartphones which enable the users to install the school mobile application and get all the news and information about the school in the blink of an eye. Both school website and school mobile application can be operated through smartphones and systems. Users are free to use it whenever and wherever they want to.

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3. Information based

School website is designed to put an impact on the viewers about the activities, achievements and goodwill maintained by the school from the past decades, whereas school mobile application is created and maintained to acknowledge the users about any kind of information personally which involves students’ performance report, certificates, achievements, study materials, timetable, health reports and many more sources of information which is important for guardians to follow up about their children and their well-being.

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4. A Vital Tool For Learning

School Website guides about the learning and courses which a particular school provides but a good school mobile application provides an exaggerated study material with different facilities such as library management, group study benefits and many more which becomes easy and comfortable for the user to view it and grab an experience of learning the lesson online. School mobile application is user-friendly and less time consuming.

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5. Easy Accessibility

School website on one hand is created for all so that each viewer can view the website easily and gather the required information, whereas on the other hand school mobile application is totally customized and personal which is kept under a security of username and password. Only the registered and enabled users have the right to access the school mobile application which can be used by them anywhere around the globe.

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